When cases end in a verdict or judgment, it is not the end of the matter. Courts make mistakes, and juries do not always rely on the evidence. When these events occur, you require an appellate lawyer with experience in North Texas. Even when a matter ends in your favor, you may still require an appellate attorney. If the other party files an appeal, you need to defend the judgment, order, or verdict that was in favorable to you. Appellate law is replete with deadlines and technicalities, and you do not want to leave a notice of appeal neglected. Our appellate attorneys appear in the Third, Fifth, and Eighth Circuit United States Court of Appeals, United States Supreme Court. With many of our attorneys we also offer experience in all Texas Appellate Courts and the Texas Supreme Court. You may wish to consult with an appellate attorney if you need to overturn or defend:
  • Summary Judgments
  • Mandamus Proceedings
  • Grants and Denials of Injunctions
  • Traditional “Final Judgment”
  • Traditional “Appellate Judgment”

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