Texas Trademark and Copyright Attorneys

Our business clients quickly talk about their capital assets, including machinery, real estate, and vehicles. There is no doubt these tangible items make your business possible. 

But your intangible assets are also important. Trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and even unique business processes deserve protection. If you invent a world-changing device, patents become necessary too. Trademarks and copyrights go to the heart of your business image and its effect on merchandising. You must pay attention to all. 

The trademark and copyright attorneys at Underwood Perkins know the value of these assets. We start with their registration, so you benefit from the protection of federal laws. Once registered, we enhance the use of your intellectual property by negotiating licensing, merchandising, advertising, and branding deals with partners and vendors. 

We are there for you, too, if a competitor infringes or misuses your valuable intellectual property. Our attorneys have experience presenting these matters to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. If a competitor accuses you of infringement, we are ready to defend you and show why your trademark and copyrighted material are unique. 

Allow our trademark and copyright attorneys to help you protect your intellectual property. Our services include: 

  • Trademark and Copyright Registration
  • Licensing and Development
  • Infringement Litigation


A trademark is a specific business property that displays your business name, logo, and slogan so your brand stands out. You likely use it on emails, websites, and letterheads so your customers can recognize you immediately. Consider it your business’ identification mark. 

Copyrights protect original work, including creative works. Books, movies, songs, paintings, web content, and even software can enjoy copyright protection.

Registering copyrights and trademarks grants a presumption of ownership. You publicly declare you own these elements, and it gives notice to your competitors. If competitors create similar trademarks or creative work, you have a stronger presumption in proving their infringement. 

Registration also grants you standing to sue infringers in federal court. Without registration, you do not benefit from presumptions and may not have enforcement remedies available.

Assuming you are registered, you can sue them. However, we usually start with a cease-and-desist letter and move from there. Many competitors may quit infringing if they realize legal expenses are likely. 

Your competitor may have defenses that could show they did not infringe on your intellectual property. However, like any lawsuit, the result in an infringement claim is not guaranteed. If you believe someone violates your trademark or copyright registration, contact an attorney to assess your case.

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