Texas Tax Planning and Litigation Attorneys

Death and taxes may be the only assurance life offers, but at least you minimize the tax liability with careful strategies. Tax planning and litigation services at Underwood Perkins apply to corporate and estate planning situations to allow you to maximize wealth transfers and avoid over-taxation. 

Your tax considerations are unique from your standard W-2 employees if you run a business or partnership. To avoid double-taxation and other issues, we may be able to combine corporate and partnership tax planning with your individual and family needs. If your corporation faces difficult circumstances, our tax attorneys help with reorganization, liquidation, and tax disputes with local, state, and federal governments. 

Business growth also changes your tax situation. Acquisitions and mergers require special consideration as do new partnerships and business entities. Before making these changes, consider consulting with one of our tax lawyers. 

We know you want your assets to support your loved ones after your death. We can analyze your estate and gift tax considerations as we draft wills, create trusts, and form family limited liability companies and partnerships best suited to accomplish your goals. When assessing your business tax needs, please alert us to your private considerations. We will help you find a solution. 

Our attorneys offer over 30 years of experience and dedication to address your tax needs. Here are some areas of focus for our tax planning and litigation section:

  • Corporate Taxation
  • Estate and Gift Tax Considerations
  • Property and Commercial Personal Property Filings and Disputes


Certified public accountants offer superb skills in filing corporate and other complex tax returns. They offer advice regarding tax consequences for certain transactions to help and ensure you have the right information and forms to avoid audits. 

Changing tax laws often leave businesses and individuals vulnerable. Sometimes, the state overestimates the value of your property, and once again, you are stuck in an adversarial tax situation. The solution you used for years may no longer be beneficial, or you made a mistake and face an audit. 

When these events occur, you need a tax lawyer to defend you in administrative proceedings and work out the remaining tax debt. For most individuals, keeping a CPA and tax attorney on retainer is the most prudent solution to cover all contingencies. 

Delinquent taxes are no joke. The worst thing you can do is ignore them and hope the government does not take further action. That decision will only make the situation worse. 

There are options available which may include payment plans or lump sum settlements. We can review your situation and see what is available to you. 

There are limited situations where bankruptcy applies to tax debt. Most of the time, taxes are a priority debt that must be paid in a Chapter 11 reorganization (for businesses) or Chapter 13 (for self-employed individuals.) If you face insolvency and tax debt, we can look closely into your options and see what may work for you. 

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