Commercial Finance, Lending, and Banking Attorneys in Texas

The commercial finance, lending, and banking section at Underwood Perkins offers immense experience and dedication to preserving creditors’ interests. Our attorneys routinely handle matters involving secured transactions and asset-based lending for financial institutions, including banks, subsidiaries, factors, finance companies, and other lenders. 

Even our most educated clients find financing law difficult to navigate, so there is no shame in seeking legal guidance. Our attorneys build a strong foundation for secured transactions at the beginning. We assess your lending strategy to ascertain the debtor’s financing needs, the best assets to use as collateral, and the best structure for your loan. 

When these transactions go sideways, we are there for you. If a debtor undergoes foreclosure proceedings or files bankruptcy, we represent your interests. It is vital to ensure you receive proper priority when payout time arrives. 

We are also available to handle other phases in the finance industry, including complex acquisitions, dispositions, restructuring, workouts, reorganizations, and liquidations. Underwood Perkins wants to ensure your transactions and any contingencies that arise from them go as smoothly as possible and in your best interest. 

Focus Areas:

  • Secured Transactions
  • Bank-to-Bank Debt Workouts and Acquisitions
  • Creditor’s Rights


Our clients include banks, bank subsidiaries, finance companies, factors, and other lenders. If you are a business that maintains in-house financing for your product, you would likely benefit from hiring a law firm experienced in business law and commercial finance.

Asset-based financing is more complex than unsecured (non-asset-based) loans. You must follow the steps outlined in the Uniform Commercial Code and properly perfect your interest in the collateral. If you do not, you face difficulty collecting your collateral if the debtor fails to pay.

Our attorneys offer extensive experience in secured transactions, asset-based lending, borrowing, and creditor’s rights. Lending is more than just handing over money; it requires careful contract drafting and properly perfecting an interest in the collateral used to secure the debt. 

We can help you collect on secured debts (and repossess collateral); however, it is much easier to hire us at the beginning. Our attorneys assess your lending strategies and draft documents that cover contingencies. Also, if your debtor files bankruptcy or reorganizes, we can represent you through those proceedings and protect your priority among other creditors. 

Commercial Finance, Lending, and Banking Attorneys are Available in Texas