Texas Business Enterprises & Securities Attorneys

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a multi-million dollar corporation, the business and securities attorneys at Underwood Perkins have your back. We help new and established businesses better manage their corporate legal affairs. 

Our attorneys are here for you through every stage of your business’ growth. We can help you choose an organizational structure, pursue capital, and finalize corporate governance matters if you are just starting out. Once established, you can count on us for legal compliance, including keeping your business registration current and complying with local and federal laws. 

As your business grows, you require legal support for executive compensation and employment matters. We can draft your employment, executive, and independent contractor contracts and employee manuals. When you need to protect your trade secrets, you will be interested in confidentiality agreements and covenants not to compete.

Our enterprise and securities attorneys also assist with:

  • Licenses
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Ownership Transfer Documents
  • Supply and Construction Contracts
  • Secured Transactions
  • Letters of Credit
  • Other negotiable instruments


You can, BUT, your choice of business entity is important. You may have more tax advantages with one type of entity than another. The main differences between each type are taxation and liability issues. 

Also, choosing the wrong type of entity could leave your assets vulnerable to liability. For example, suppose you have a sole proprietorship with little separation between your business and personal checking accounts. In that case, a vendor may pursue your personal checking account for an unpaid business bill. But choosing another type of business entity may offer additional protection against that action. 

Finally, it can be challenging to file your business documentation correctly and keep it updated. Hiring an attorney makes that process more manageable and ensures your business licenses remain current.

Laws change constantly, and that includes contracts. This truth is especially relevant in employment law. Recently, rules for overtime hours changed to include salaried employees under specific circumstances. You must take that into account in your employment contracts.

As your business changes, your contracts must change with it. Your licensing agreement that worked well ten years ago is likely out-of-date and at risk of putting you in lawsuit territory. Allowing our attorneys to draft and periodically review your contract templates as laws change ensures better legal compliance and protection for your business.

Our attorneys are prepared for any contingency a business may face. Your proprietorship may go through an easy time now, but your matters become more complicated if you hire employees or expand your business. It is also likely that another type of business entity, like a partnership or limited liability company, may work better for you in terms of asset protection and taxation. 

Having a business attorney on retainer who knows your endeavor proves vital if you face a lawsuit. Unfortunately, in this litigious society, it is a question of when a business is sued rather than if. Underwood Perkins has trial attorneys on staff, which makes handling litigation matters seamless. 

We are dedicated to your business success and legal compliance. Allow our experience to serve you and your business and securities needs.

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