In a global economy, intellectual property rights are among the most valuable assets a
business can own. Market identity and consumer awareness are directly tied to the protection and
proper licensing of trademarks and copyrights. Moreover, counterfeit, piracy and plagiarism cost
legitimate rights owners billions of dollars each year and dilute the innovation of some of our best
research and development.
The first and most important part of intellectual property protection is the filing and
registration of your rights. This must be accomplished both in the United States and abroad to afford
the safeguards most businesses seek in the “one world” economic climate. Though the U.S.
Copyright and Trademark Offices generally handle initial registration and clearance, other groups
such as the U.S. Customs service, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce and
even the Justice Department may play a part in the enforcement of and compliance related to a
business’ intellectual property rights.
It is important to understand which protections are appropriate to use. With the proliferation
of new media and confluence of brick-and-mortar and click-and-mortar operations, many businesses
and individuals require extensive intellectual property counsel as they develop both goods and
services to market.
They have also found that the proper planning with limited costs in the short term can be a
very intelligent and profitable decision for the long term.

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