1. What are your hourly charges?

The hourly rates for professionals working on your matters will range from $75 – $450 per hour.

2. Is your firm willing to work on a flat fee or fee-for-product basis?

In appropriate situations, the firm is willing to discuss a flat fee or fee-for-product arrangement.

3. Will your firm accept credit card payments?

Yes. Click here to make a payment online.

4. I have just been served with suit papers, how much will this cost me?

The range of cost for litigation varies greatly.  Attorneys usually charge by the hour, thus you can anticipate the more time your attorney spends on your case, the more it will cost.  Generally, communicating frequently (i.e. daily or multiple times per week) with your attorney and appearances in court are very expensive.  Be sure to discuss cost-saving measures with your attorney during your initial consultation to stay ahead of your legal fees.  Also, make sure to check and see if insurance will cover the subject matter of the suit.  If so, the insurance company will likely cover attorneys fees.  Our attorneys can help with this.

5. How do I go about choosing a lawyer?

Finding the right lawyer for you and your case is an important personal decision.  People looking for a lawyer often ask family members, friends, co-workers and others for recommendations, or wind up searching the internet.  Reviewing a lawyer on the internet can be a good first step, but it is important to engage in a personal interview to make sure that the lawyer is comfortable with the nature of your case and that you communicate well.

Another way to find a lawyer is through the Dallas Bar Association’s lawyer referral service.  Attorneys in this service must be a member in good standing before the Bar.  The lawyer must also carry malpractice insurance.