All About the Client

Recently, it appears television, magazines and newspapers have been saturated with advertisements from divorce and family law lawyers. I noticed that the majority of the advertisements have a common theme; lawyers seem to focus on telling their potential... Read More

Issues with Tagging on Facebook

Gene Leposki, Certified Family Law Specialist Underwood Perkins, P.C. Tagging is identifying or referencing a person in photos, videos, or posts on Facebook. An ex-wife used Facebook to tag her former sister-n-law. The sister-in-law had a p... Read More

Social Media Post – Unfathomable

No matter what your position is regarding the use of corporal punishment on your child, broadcasting it live on Facebook is unfathomable.  Discipline implemented in an appropriate manner that fits the specifics of the behavior that needs to be adjusted, ... Read More

Those Pesky Unreimbursed Medical Expenses

Many clients of mine often come to the office complaining their ex-spouse and/or child(ren)’s parent has not reimbursed them for all of the out-of-pocket expenses they’re incurring for the child(ren)’s health care. Small bills for things like prescr... Read More

A Day in Court

A Day at the Courthouse Most people who visit my office are familiar with the multitude of crime/court dramas shown on any major network television station, including but not limited to everyone’s favorite show Law & Order, and all of its progeny... Read More

Do I have to report child abuse or neglect? Clients often ask about reporting to CPS (formally known as “Texas Department of Family and Protective Services”) when they suspect a child... Read More