Stephanie Gase

Areas of practice: Civil Rights; Environmental Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Product Liability; Intellectual Property.

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Kimberly D. Annello

Areas of practice: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate, Construction Litigation and Appellate.

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Scott M. Garelick

Areas of practice: Commercial Litigation, White Collar Criminal, Labor & Employment Law, Intellectual Property, Real Es... Read More

Joshua T. Smith

Areas of Practice: Business Enterprises and Securities;  Mergers and Acquisitions; Commercial Finance, Lending and Banking; Real Estate; Labor and Employment and Intellectual Property

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Alex M. Campbell

Areas of practice:  Litigation

Associate Counsel practicing in business and commercial litigation.

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All About the Client

Recently, it appears television, magazines and newspapers have been saturated with advertisements from divorce and family law lawyers. I noticed that the majority of the advertisements have a common theme; lawyers seem to focus on telling their potential... Read More

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